Hello, I am Eric The Red.
I play saxophone, I build and market websites and I love to play.

I create functional wet sites coded from scratch or using the latest CMS or Framework of choice.

Your site should make your business easier to run, does yours?

The web is there to make your life easier and your business run smoother. Using a combination of web based systems that can assist you in simplifying and reducing your business workload and functional web systems that allow you to multiply you and your staff, we can help you reduce your workload while making your business run more efficiently! Building comprehensive web systems also increases your business's value as you have intellectual property to sell or license to others!

While you might think that an already existing solution would suit your needs, in reality only the very lucky find an already existing system that does everything required and often the comprehensive systems take as much as they give, for instancing requiring you to host your data off site, essentially giving your business information over to a third party. No thanks! Custom build systems you control and own. Best of all, you can make custom changes easily when you need them, not on someone else's production timeline.

Constantly working to improve our client's web experience!

This site has been divided into 3 main sections:

Web Design - this section seeks to promote eWeb Design, Eric's successful web solution company. Database driven web site design, user interface design, and building comprehensive web business solutions for the web is our specialty. When it comes to designing web pages with database and dynamic content we are able to excel at creating database solutions for the web using any and all of the web programming languages.

Music - another very important part of Eric's life, Eric needed somewhere to put some of the information about the music he is involved in and chose to do it in this section. As time passes, there should be an ever expanding amount of information and links to MP3 recordings of live shows for you to listen to. The music section, though it will be mostly of information about bands and a few live recordings, is also a good example of the possibilities of Eric's extensive knowledge of music and how that applies to the web.

Eric - I would say that this part is about Eric, everything to do with Eric and the things around him including family and his life, love and passions. While you are here, please drop me a line at the contact page so I know you have visited and have found something that interests you.

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I live in amazing Victoria BC Canada

Of all the places I have visited in the world, Victoria BC definitely felt most like home so when I found my place, why leave?