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eWeb Designs has completed many interesting web based projects over the years. To cut our teeth, we worked for a wide range of clients creating site for products, people, places and things. In around 2004 web design and programming relating to the bussinesses we owned became the focus and remained that way for almost 10 years which brings us to the present. We have moved away from owning the businesses that have occupied our lives since 2004 and instead we are now focusing on working with clients again.

There are several very interesting projects on the burner right now. As they care completed we will add them to the front page of this site, and as those new spots fill, we'll move them here, until there are many to show. We are always looking to partner with new clients. Let us show you how we can make the web a successful place for you to do business. We've done it, we can help you do it too.

Please contact us with your projects, ideas or requests!

It's all WAY in the past!


Watchmen For The Nations - Helping with updating this organizations new web site.

Vancouver Island British Columbia - Marketing site.

Whistler British Columbia - Marketing site.

Tofino British Columbia - Marketing site.

Vancouver British Columbia - Marketing site.

Victoria British Columbia - Marketing site.


Detroit Fitness - A new site to the fold, simply a maintenance situation.

Some more content to maximize marketing potential and to increase online presence for all my sites.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance
The CHTA/ACCC is building on existing affiliations made with the Saskatchewan Hemp Association, the Ontario Hemp Alliance and the Hemp Industries Association.

The Association of Complementary Physicians of British Columbia
Complimentary Holistic Alternative medicine health physician Student Resident and Integrative Doctor Medical Association British Columbia BC Canada.

Vision Life Coaching
Vision Life Coaching offers Online Courses and Life-Success Coaching-Consulting for individuals, professionals, management, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Your Life By Design
Your Life By Deisgn offers Online Courses and Life-Success Coaching-Consulting for individuals, professionals, management, businesses, and non-profit organizations.


Platinum Vacation Group
This site also features some very advanced programming. The client wanted a site where he could administer the addition of properties without having to pay us each time. The site is designed in such a way that he can add his properties once and specify which area he would like them to appear and the code does the rest including creating thumbnails of the images on the fly and organizing the listing based on user input.

Hartley House
Another quick site based on client provided graphics. We will be adding increased functionally in the future.

This client needed us to drop everything and have it up ASAP. The graphics were provided, the text emailed and we had the site live in less then 24 hours.

Jeff Pollitt
This site was done with the design team at Cinevision. It is a full database relational site relating to Jeff's real estate business. A perfect example of a fully functional site with excellent design.


Don Gossett
This site features some very advanced programming. Some of the special functions of this site include a radio broadcast database that accepts an WMA file and writes the required ASX file on the fly, allowing the administrator to simply create a record for the ratio broadcast and upload the WMA file, the rest is done dynamically. There is also a random code system for a series of "Daily Devotionals" which includes a complete search system as well. Each devotional is stored in a database and randomly chosen for display one at a time on the page.

Monks Jewellers
A nice clean site done for a local merchant. We used the colours of the store and created a nice showing of his products and services on the web.

April Prinz
I did not create the look of this site, We wrote what is now being called a REAL TIME MLS update system that pulls records of properties in real time for this realtors site. It also has Exclusive property listings with a "No Code" administrative section that allows adding of exclusive listings. The images for the MLS listings are stored in the database as binary information requiring some very complex and customized programming to render them into images in your browser. This site as a lit of very complex and custom code to it.


We created this site on a tight budget working directly from a design from the owner. It is a nice clean site with a custom shopping cart we built especially, check it out. Very simple but very functional.
Modeled after, this site was added much after the fact, like, in order to bolster web search engine placement.
Created to be on-line in correspondance with some TV appearances of the clients, this site was created ion record time and includes a custom recipe database as well as complex contact systems and a cool menu system.
Modeled after, this site was added much after the fact in order to bolster web search engine placement.

A very complex repository of news story items and photos for Christian magazines and news papers. Requires membership to view.


Green Cuisine
Based on the art work for the product packaging, this site includes a custom recipe system that rotates the recipes every 2 weeks.

Talent Scout
A pure iHTML site, now off the air, the first of it's kind that truly showcases my talents. Every page is dynamic and behind the scenes are 7 different administration sections allowing the client to modify just about anything. Well worth a look.

Victoria Sport Utility
Another pure iHTML site created to allow a local car dealer to sell his cars from the lot on his web site. The administrative section allows him to change any data, upload images, print out window stickers and much more. A very intensive iHTML site.


A simple HTML site with a custom iHTML based ordering system that auto-calculates shipping and the weight of the order. It also has a very complex administrative section where you can send an auto-generated email to confirm the order has been shipped and a verity of other equally time saving functions like an auto-generated shipping address page tat can be printed out on sticker paper and applied directly to the package.

Oak Bay Pet Clinic
One of my many functional yet very clean web sites. Done for my landlord at the time, we think this side defines function, simplicity, professionalism and crisp clean design.

Sunday Magazine
A site created in iHTML that facilitates the upload of a new issue. We can update the web page to the new issue in less then 2 hours.

On Hold 2000
Another one of my many functional yet very clean web sites. This one makes use of some interesting Java applets provided by the client.


Rhythm's Edge
A showcase of drums and drumming, when this site first went up it generated a lot of interest. Now, being dormant for 2 years it is in need of a face lift. Keep an eye on the changes we have in store for that one. Full e-commerce to come.

Flash Floods
We used Hubble space telescope images for this second generation site. It also has an interesting front page that allows to you choose a browser screen without a tool bar. This was done when the most common browser was 640x480 and we wanted to allow people the full impact of the images we had used. Again check back soon here, we have some dynamic updates to complete in the next few months.

Richard Moore Evangelistic Association
Done for a Christian Ministry, he liked the fire motif very much.


Cinevision Multimedia Inc.
A pure HTML site created to update the "First Generation" look of the old Cinevision site. Have a look at the frameset, makes use of some spacing around the edge. The simplicity of the Javascript allows me to keep using that same code today.

Zima Foods Inc.
Created for Zima Foods, it is a simple site with an email response order form and some custom graphics that have been used on other sites all around the world. This site is no longer on the web but I have added a link to the Internet Archive.