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Earth Day Speech 1997

Have you ever felt truly healthy? No I mean it, truly healthy. Run up 40 flights of stairs no problem. Never get sick! Know why? Society is trying to kill you! Our economy is based on our own demise and death. Lets face it. We need to change! Go ahead and do it! Make the change in yourself and the planet will follow.

How? A good place to start is become vegetarian! "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." - Albert Einstein. Meat harms everyone. Nearly a billion people worldwide are suffering from chronic hunger, and at the same time we're feeding one third of all the grain grown in the world to cattle and other livestock. Enough to feed 3 billion people. Waste from this livestock, and the pesticides and fertilizers used to grow the feed, are the number one non-point source of water pollution in North America. In one year half a million cancerous eyes were cut out of US livestock before it was sold to the public. Think of the suffering those cows went through while they were alive. More importantly think of how long it took for that cow to be shocked with electric prods, beaten and kicked, shot with a stun gun, hung by its feet, throat cut, left to drain, and then butchered into chunks, before you ate it for dinner! Add the harm of having 1.3 billion cattle eating the planet bare, and that 70% of all human deaths can be contributed to having a meat based diet. Beef also has the second highest residual pesticide and herbicide level of any food. What's The Number one residual pesticide and herbicide winner; Tomato Paste.

Which brings me to Organic food. While all food is organic matter, the term organic refers to the method of growing. Our current system sees our food grown in soil devoid of nutrients. Soak the soil in chemical fertilizers so it can support a crop. Creating weak plants easily damaged by insects. Spray on tonnes of insecticides to kill the bugs and watch the plants die. Genetically alter the plants to be able to sustain huge chemical loads and you have modern farming! Organic food is the alternative. Grown with natural fertilizers on ground that has not died from bad farming techniques you get many more times the nutritional value, low or even non-existent chemical toxicity levels, food that reaches you faster because it cannot be sprayed with preservatives, and better all round taste. Organic farming should be the norm not the exception. To eat non-organic food is to just fill your belly. Nutrify your body with quality organic food. The harm forced upon us by the chemical companies selling the fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers are also selling the fungicides and preservatives that are dumped onto the food after its grown making it poison not food. A good example is Broccoli. Non-organic broccoli has the highest toxicity levels of any green vegetable. Bugs love it and it doesn't last very well in shipping so it's sprayed with so many toxic substances that by the time it reaches your table it's devoid of any goodness and just succeeds to toxify you more. Yet we are told that it's good for us.

Another good example is Sodium Nitrate found in processed meats. It's the only chemical in food ingredients that you could eat enough of to kill you! This chemical is put in meat to retain oxygen. Because by the time you get the processed meat,it has long ago started to rot. Sodium Nitrate is added because it forces the cells of the meat to retain oxygen, making the meat look red and fresh, not blue and rotting. Nitrates do the same thing in your system. You can asphyxiate yourself by eating sodium nitrate. Same thing as holding your breath only more damaging because it acts at the cellular level causing your blood to retain oxygen, starving your brain and body! Don't eat processed meat! DON'T EAT McDonalds cause their processed meat contains sodium nitrate.

As for those of you who are still drinking cow's milk listen up! Humans are the only creature on the planet that continues to drink milk after the post natal period. You might as well be drinking glasses of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and steroids cause that all your getting from the milk. The cow's milk molecule is about 100 times the size of the human milk molecule making it virtually indigestible. Wonder what the brown stuff stuck to the sides of milk containers is? That's the added Vitamin A and D. How about all that calcium they say you get. Not true as well. It's a proven fact that the countries of the world who look to cows milk for calcium also have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Why? Cause you don't get calcium from milk. The molecule is meant for cows. Our calcium needs are completely different! Get your calcium from leafy green vegetables and seeds!

You wonder about fish. When Jacques Cartier arrived in Canada he wrote in his journal that the ships were having trouble entering the mouth of the St. Lawrence river because there were so many fish they were holding the ships back. Now there are none. What fish are left have big cancerous growths, ladened with heavy metals like cadmium and lead, mercury poisoning creating reproductive abnormalities, and general over fishing stressing the already fragile ecosystem. Not to mention fish farms adding sickness and stress to the system.

OK so far we've got stressed animals kept alive with steroids and anti-biotics. We've got plants that need to have chemicals dumped on them just to survive. The fish are all but dead. The air we breath is toxic and we use the planet as a garbage dump. Hummm.

Killing ourselves by living a harmful lifestyle brings me to cigarettes. I read an interview with a Philip Morris executive, a large tobacco firm. In the interview he responded when asked if he smoked "What do think I'm stupid, I just sell the stuff!" When the executives of the companies don't smoke, hey that says something! Think of the reality, think of being 60 and coughing your lungs out in a hospital or think of being 60 jogging past the hospital on your way to twenty years of freedom and retirement? Which do you choose. If you are unlucky enough to inhale a radioactive particle amongst the 4000 other possible chemicals found in cigarettes you might not even see 1 more year. The cigarette companies are singling out the youth in their ad campaigns, why? Cause 1000 people a day die in the US alone from cigarette related diseases. They need the next generation hooked to insure any business in the future cause their killing their clientele. If you can't quit smoking for your own health then think of the thing you care most about and quit smoking for that! If that's not enough what is?

Then there's Alcohol! Want to wash all of the nutrients from your body? Drink alcohol and you effectively are washing any minerals and vitamins from your body. Every single one is damaged to destroyed by alcohol intake. Families are ripped apart by something you can buy right around the corner! I won't even get into drunk driving fatalities! But guess which day sees the most reports of women being beaten in North America? Give Up? Super Bowl Sunday! Drink your beer, watch the game, barbecue your steak and beat women. Sounds relaxing! The only way change will occur is if the consumer stops buying cigarettes, stop buying alcohol. Stops giving in the pressure of the ad campaigns. Stops being led around by a rope that's in the shape of a noose and is around your neck!

Which brings me to pharmaceuticals. In the orient it is customary to pay your doctor when you're well and when you get sick, you don't have to pay anymore cause he's not doing his job properly, you're sick! Doctor's are supposed to keep you well. Here the health care system makes it's money when you're sick so it doesn't stand to reason that the health community would be based on healing, its based on sickness! Since the beginning of recorded time Humans have been healing themselves with plants and natural extracts. The pharmaceutical industry cropped up only about 100 years ago. When the industry was in it's fledgling stage 80% of the pharmaceuticals on the market contained active ingredients which are now illegal. The same chemicals found in what we call opiates and marijuana. Since then there has been massive so called advances in the pharmaceutical industry and now we have a synthetic chemical for everything. Many natural remedies have been synthesized, the best example is Valium. A synthetic copy of valerian root, the chemical acts as a relaxant and anti-depressant but of course comes with so many side effects that it's not worth taking especially if you knew that it came form a natural source. Valerian which is way more effective and is totally non toxic. Saint Johns wort is another example. For thousands of years it has been effectively prescribed for depression with no side effects and almost 100% success rate. Now world Governments are trying to restrict it! Prozac, most commonly prescribed drug of the 90's is it's toxic replacement. Why you may ask is it so widely prescribed?. Well when it first hit the market Eli Lilly, the manufacturing company, (of which George Bush is a major shareholder) offered such incredible bonuses including trips to Hawaii and Rolex watches and all sorts of stuff to doctors who have the highest sales and prescription volumes. The doctors prescribe it to their patients in hopes of winning the trip not in hopes that you feel better. Most likely it will make you feel worse so you need more drugs! This is how the industry works. Your health is not foremost, money is foremost. All pharmaceuticals are marketed in this way. The doctor you think you can trust is nothing more than a salesman for the pharmaceutical companies! Now that people are turning back to traditional methods of healing by treating the cause rather than the symptoms the governments of the world are receiving intense pressure from the pharmaceutical companies and groups like the world health organization and the codex commission to restrict the sales of the natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. They're loosing business to the new health movement and they are worried. Likewise substitutes for addiction treatments have been synthesized such as methadone and marinol. In most cases these substitutes are more damaging than the natural derived substance they are trying to treat. In harm awareness and reduction we have to address the social and environmental causes rather the symptoms like abuse.

Because of all this Myself and a few others started a health food company called Zima Foods. At Zima Foods we are dedicated to increasing health through improving nutrition. We believe that every disease of the human body can be cured with proper eating habits, lowered daily stress levels, and a positive attitude towards life. When we all make a conscious effort to change existing habits by buying food not just to fill the stomach but to actually feed the body, we would improve our overall health immeasurably. Modern diets are plagued by over-processed, over-refined, and over-packaged foods. Desperately lacking in active nutrients, the products offered in most grocery stores can hardly be called food at all! We need to cleanse our systems with living fibrous foods like hemp seeds.

And the reason for what I've told you is that each one can be related to hemp! To change a meat based diet we must find a substitute protein source! Hemp seeds are the only complete non-algae based easily digestible protein source with all 9 essential amino acids 19 amino acids in total. Get enough of your Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, silica and lots of other trace minerals. The seed is also one third fibre which is a cleansing agent for the intestinal tract to clean out all that meat stuck in there as well as being an effective intestinal lubricant. The most important value of Hemp seeds is its richness in oils. Good fat. Essential fatty acids called EFA are the building blocks of our immune system and are essential for immune response. EFA's in processed food have a shelf life of about 24 hours so anything that has to sit on the grocery shelf has had the EFAs removed. Hemp seeds not only have them in a perfect ratio for human use but also protect them with their hard outer shell. If the shell isn't cracked they will last for 5 years even. Hemp seeds boost your immune system! Hemp is the catalyst to getting us away from our harmful system into one we can all be healthy and happy in. The dead lands we call our farm base need hemp because it is the perfect rotational crop. The hemp plant's roots grow down sometimes as tall as the plant is and it grows outward to three times its height. Making it actually trap and store topsoil. It produces pheromones and terpines including the canabinols which act as a natural pest and bug deterrent. If when the plant is harvested you leave behind just the leaves it will return 70% of what it took from the ground but leave a vast network of roots which secure the soil and make the ground perfect for another crop to be grown. 40 000 products can be made from it including everything required to make a house except glass. Everything we need to cloth the world. Everything we need worth of protein... In our new harm reduced society and hemp based system food, clothing and shelter will be provided for. The basic needs for healthy life should be free. Luxuries should be the things you work for!

It would take little more than 60 Trillion Dollars a year to feed the World. Seem like allot? Guess how much is spent on golf each year? 60 Trillion Dollars worldwide! Guess how much the world spends on defense each Day! 60 Trillion Dollars! Changing these things is what we mean by harm reduction. As the harm is not only limited to the sick and addicted but affects almost all of us who cannot afford healthy organic foods, natural medications and a healthy lifestyle.

Zima Foods will be providing healthy affordable choices to every food group in the near future. Join the evolution. One product is available at Amaranth, it's called the Zima Crisp. Try one today!