Eric is my name

I do lots of things, suitable for Eric.

Solutions to the name

Eric's Meaning

What does it mean to be Eric. Who is Eric anyway and why would he go to the trouble of creating this site to pay homage to someone whose name is just Eric? Even I, Eric, cannot answer that. Maybe I felt it was needed, somewhere for me to spill my thoughts as it were, somewhere that the many people that know me can come to have a look at what it is to be me, and many people I do not know will also come, thanks to the beauty of the internet.

Let's be honest, it's mainly thanks to my email address.

The WHY?

So why did you come here? Are you an Eric as well? Maybe you're a Canadian Eric, looking for other Eric resources on the web? If you are, let us know that you have been here!


Maybe there is something you think I should do on these pages, maybe you'd like to see more pages like this one? Maybe I can help you do one for yourself? Whatever he reason, don't leave without giving something of yourself so I know that there has been some interest in the many hours of work I have put into this site. If what you write is interesting enough, I will add it to the thoughts page!

Drop Me a Line

I will also very much enjoy hearing from you.