Eric the Red, the bands


I have been really fortunate to play with some excellet musicians over the years. I might not be able to mention all here, so if I miss you, it was not my intention!

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Countless fun times, countless gigs. Hard to list everyone here but here is a few of the bands I have had the honour of being a member of.


For over a decade I've had the pleasure of being part of a spectacular show band that features all the best R&B classics. The Midnights are so much fun, from our European tours to the most epic gigs, we've had some really good times over the years. The Midnights are also an important part of the Victoria High School R&B program, providing mentorship and a place for the high school kids to perform with professional musicians.

For more information and to book the band, check out our website at The Midnights.


Man, this band is fun. So much fun! This is the band where I get to play whatever I want, and we get to help people dance dance dance! Funk, soul, latin and even some rap to get the party started! Seriously, come out and check this band. We do not disappoint!

For more information and to book the band, check out our website at Groove Kitchen.


When Coco Jafro was an Island based band, I enjoyed playing with this heavy afro-funking 6 piece. They have since moved to Vancouver so we get to play together only rarely but when we do (like the wedding gig in Tofino this summer) significant fun is always in the cards. I love the tunes we play and the vibe the band creates.

For more information and to book the band, check out our website at Coco Jafro.


Back in the day we made some great music. Too bad there is so little record of what we did, since it was so spectacular!

In the very early days there were the many basement bands that were loved by us and hated by our neighborhood. I can remember the day that we were so HOT the old lady next door called the fire department or there was the time we set up on my back deck, under threat of rain to have a jam out side, we only got through one tune, Johnny Be Good, before a little guy and a really big guy showed up to complain. The little guy told us his baby had just fallen asleep and that we were much too loud and the bug guy just stood there looking menacing and said "yea".

I think it would also be important to mention Excretion, the Geoff Morden, Dave Brassett, Toby ??? and me thrash punk extravaganza. Boy that was fun, I think I even have a tape recording of it somewhere around here even. One of these days I'll get around to posting that for the fun of it but for now, lets dive into some of the bands that actually sound ok and I have decent recordings of starting with:


Ah, what a close bunch we were, almost like family. Boy was that band a really FUNKIN good time! Solid 7 was a Victoria Based Groove band bent on making you dance ALL NIGHT LONG! With our infectious originals and our popular covers, we made you lose control and freak out on the dance floor.

The members were:

Vocals and Spoken Word The Diva, MC Kia: fronts this band with conviction, playing to the crowd with her amazing freestyle rap and spoken word performances. Never a dull moment with her on stage!

Alto and Tenor Saxophone, Eric Hughes: A disciple of the saxophone for more than 16 years and being involved with the funk scene for more than 7, Eric brings soul and funky vibes to the band as lead soloist and back-up vocalist. Come and check out the audience participation section of our evening lead by Eric.

Guitar, Dan Cook: With Jazz influence and tasty licks Dan proves to be the best flavour in the band over and over again. See him in action, playing the guitar like it's never been played before. Never a tasteless note with this guy.

Keys and Tenor Sax, Aram Masee: Aram is the man on keys, with a rhythm like rock and a feel like soul, he make the sounds the audience wants to hear while embellishing the tunes with his spiritual style.

Bass, Ryan Rock: The Rockster, The Funk Master on Bass, no need to describe the mastery of the instrument this man is capable of. Watch him play it with his feet!

Drums, Jason Deatherage: The reason the band is called Solid 7 is because of this man! Ever Steady, never faltering, the man just funks right out with styles ranging from pop, to ska to all out funk!


A name none of us liked, a band that played a lot of gigs and is still playing a lot of gigs. Sometimes only 3, Sax, Keys and Guitar. Sometimes 4 with drums. We played a wide range of musical styles including jazz, swing, funk, blues, soul, ska, pop, country, and acid jazz. Lots of fun, click here to join the band mailing list and we will let you know of all of our up coming gigs!

There is a lot of music available for this band and I will try to put up a bunch of it soon. I just need to figure out where the best place to put it might be.


A band born out of desperation for FUNK. With the addition of the AMAZING Brenda Lee, we have created a funk band of gigantic proportions.

On sax: Eric Hughes is the main soloist for the band, with his fresh sax licks and lightning quick solos, he loves to pump up the crowd into a funking frenzy. Just wait for his audience participation section of the evening.

On Keys: Karl Oystensen started playing music at the tender age of 4.In school he played clarinet, only for a few years, before switching to percussion. His foremost instrument is keyboards but he also enjoys guitars and currently teaches drums when he is not either spending time with his son or working at a shipyard. He started playing professionally at 14 in the northwest of B.C (Prince Rupert) with "Dirty Knights Work".After that he played in a band called "Safety in Numbers" which successfully entertained the people of the north for 12 years including a Janice Joplin tribute in 1991 and playing with the blues revue band "Undesideds" in the later 1990s. In 1998 Karl moved to Victoria to attend University and started playing with "Michelle Morand" and "Barry's medication" before joining "Agents of Change" and "Super Soul Mission".

On Vocals: Brenda Lee, originally from Bondi Beach - Sydney, Australia, Brenda's Jazz - Funk style is hip, original and true to her essence. A singer-songwriter and performing artist, Brenda exudes an energetic yet sensually sophisticated stage presence, creating melodic improvisations with international Jazz instrumentalists for your entertainment. Currently in Victoria, Brenda performs in dynamic musical synchronization with the Agents of Change and the Super Soul Mission.

On Drums: Jason Deatherage has long been a fixture on the West Coast music scene, recording performing and touring with many high profile artists as their favorite session drummer. Jason’s intense, iconoclastic yet tasteful grooves couple with his powerful technical abilities to add a vital energy to any project he’s involved with. Jason has more to offer than just drums, though; he’s also in high demand for his production expertise and his programming skills. Jason has had the pleasure playing with many artists such as: Alternative 3, Solid 7, Super Soul Mission, Agents of Change, the Philadelphia Experiment, Walk in the Park, Yogic Suction, Hugh Fraser, Mae Moore, Daniel Lapp and Lappelectro, Noah Becker, Bill Runge, Whip, Souled Out, Velvet, Fever, Operation Willis, Silent Party, Glowfreak, Muster’d Punt, Psychebilly Funktion, Thin King, Kim Linekin, among many others...

On Guitar: Peter Petley has had a background as a professional rock guitarist in the U.K during the 70s with extensive touring, studio and T.V. work. Peter moved to Canada in 1978 and returned to a musical career with solo guitar work in the early 1990s. After a short time Peter formed the famous Jazz Quartet Walk in the Park while at the same time playing with the Kevin Leitch Quartet . With significant personnel changes Walk in the Park morphed into Agents of Change which itself formed the basis for the Soul Jazz project The Super Soul Mission.