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Why choose us above the others?

eWeb Designs was born in the mid 1990s when it's founder, Eric The Red, met a local businessman who had a need for an in house web programmer. Eric took up the challenge to learn and apply dynamic web programming. Remaining closely allied with many businesses has enabled us to continue to have the best tools to create more and more advanced internet business solutions, launching us far past the days of simple web sites into exciting new and powerful web applications.

Since those first days, eWeb Designs has conceived many internet solutions for significant numbers of clients. We also have created a team capable of providing any and all answers to your on-line needs. You will not be disappointed with our professional team of designers and programmers. With the importance of mobile friendly sites, there is no better time than the present to switch to an improved, mobile friendly, internet presence. We'll can even show you what business you are missing. We promise more business and we will deliver on that promise.

eWeb Designs has kept pace with the emerging technology of "rich media" Internet and dynamic web content, and partnered with many of the best companies in BC we are pleased to present the NEXT GENERATION OF e-BUSINESS SOLUTIONS; fully customized, database-driven web applications facilitating client interaction and usage by including simple, user friendly back-end administrative access.

Our Technologies of Choice

In keeping with our search for the very best cutting edge web technology, we extensively use an extensions of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) known as server-processed dynamic programming languages. Fortunately we have many to choose from; PHP, Javascript, JQuery and others are available to us and each have merits for specific applications. The possibilities are endless with dynamic languages as the languages are so flexible, the applications are endless.

It is possible to do tasks such as posting form input to a database, randomizing images, sorting and presenting client data, tracking stock levels, creating automated shopping cart systems - just to name a few. There really are no limits to the possibilities. There are even quite a few we are sure you have not yet thought of. We look forward to discussing this with you and helping you find the ideal mix of solutions that is ideal for your business.

With dynamic languages we can build the systems we design for you and much more into a regular HTML page. Dynamic programming works across all platforms, all browsers. The possibilities are truly endless with respect to the programming potential. If you can conceive of a need, we can build it for you AND not break the budget doing it.

Simplicity without the High Price

For a few quick, simple examples, using very simple commands we can:

get your I.P. address:
tell what page you came from:
tell you what browser and operating system you are using, even your language of preference from your settings:CCBot/2.0 (

There are many interesting things we are capable of, we will showcase many of them here as well as some of the projects that we have been commissioned to do. Please feel free to explore, in the examples there are some fun, hands-on interactive sites that will introduce you to a few of the many abilities of dynamic programming. Feel free to look around but please, when you're done, go to our contact page and let us know a little about yourself, we would love to know more about the people who visit this site. For your trouble, we are offering a $50 coupon toward your web site design. Please sign up for more details.

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